Call to Artists and Writers

 Publication of Art & Writing Book 2018

booksSCAC is developing a book of art and writing showcasing the Sooke region's artists and writers.

The cost is $25 for the first entry, and $10 for subsequent entries to a maximum of three. The initial fee covers entry and a free book. All art forms welcome. The book will focus on local artists and involve word and image. There will be an adjudication process.  Please note:   Fees will be refunded in case of non-entry due to adjudication.  Fees are not refundable if your entry in required format is not received by the deadline, May 1, 2018

The image portion of the book will consist of photos of submitted artwork (2D and 3D such as paintings, drawings, sculpture, pottery, glasswork, jewelry etc.) or photography/photo art. There may be opportunities to show your entry at upcoming events

The word entry can be a short story, or any other form of prose or poetry. The only requirement is that the entry fit on a roughly 8.5 x 9 inch space with a minimum 11 point font (Times, Cambria or Arial).

Our aim is to pair "image" with “word". Artists may choose word entries to pair with, authors may choose images to write about. Or entrants can send in a pairing of their own choice. How do words evoke images? Words - what image do they paint in your mind?

We want to explore how one medium can be interpreted by the other.

The aim of the book is to fulfil our mandate of promoting all types of art, and to promote artists, musicians and authors by offering an opportunity to be visible in the community. The book will be available for sale at future SCAC art shows and other local venues.

Any unpaired entries may be paired by a jury. Entrants may submit two entries (one word, one image) and make their own pairing of text and image or choose to be surprised at who pairs up with their entry.

 Pay now to reserve your spot, and submit your image entry or word entry for adjudication and pairing.   If you're looking to get matched, the earlier you submit your piece the better. 

Entry is limited.  Pay now to reserve your spot, and submit your entry for pairing. Final deadline May 1st for formatting -Any unpaired entries may be paired by a jury. 

Enter online using the form below  then pay via PayPal with a credit card or send a cheque in the mail to:  Linda Gordon Att: SCAC,  3001  Manzer Rd ,  Sooke, BC,  V9Z 0C9

Entry Details

First entry $25 (art OR word) 

Subsequent entries: $10 each ,  maximum entries: 3/entrant

Uploads of images or word files should be made now for pairing purposes. The submitted image can be in a lower resolution. Later you will receive an email with details for submitting your high resolution image necessary for print production.  

Please indicate if you would like to be paired with a word entry if you are submitting art or an art entry if you are submitting writing. You can also choose to be "surprised" and have the committee make the match for you.

If you want to do both word & image yourself then you will need to pay the first entry fee of $25 and the second entry of $10. 

Copyright is retained by the creator. The creator assigns right to use entry to SCAC  for use for publicity, in future publications or other use whatsoever in perpetuity.

Image Specifications:

Please submit an image for adjudication purposes when ready. Images need not be high resolution at submission time. When acceptances are made, participants will be notified and advised on the process to submit a high resolution image.

• high quality, high resolution images of accepted art will be required for publishing purposes, minimum 300 dpi with a minimum length of 10 in. along one side. (images submitted for adjudication do not need to be as large)
• use plain or graded backgrounds.
• image must be focused, well-lit and properly exposed. If your piece is framed under glass it is advisable to take a photo without the glass.
• artists may be asked to submit new photos if images are of poor quality.
• all images MUST give as close a representation of the work as possible in terms of colour and detail.

Artwork that does not conform to the image specifications may be refused.

Word Specifications:

• poetry, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, rap, lyrics etc. are admissible but must conform to a one page format (.doc, .docx, or .pdf file)
• one page details: 8.5 by 11 inch page, 11 point font in Arial, Cambria or Times, single spaced
• if the font style is in integral part of the entry, calligraphy or musical notation is permitted - in this case the word entry may be submitted as an image

All creations must be original and be the work of the person(s) entering. Collaborative art work may be accepted as one entry.

Image digitizations are being offered by Linda Gordon (fee involved). Call her for more info.

Click here for FAQ

Word & Image Entry Form

For early entries (to get your space in the book) we need your name, contact information, image or words and fee.

To confirm your participation we will need the work to be adjudicated - deadline May 1st. If you are ready - please upload your submissions on application to help the pairing process along.

Gallery of Available Art to write for

If you want to save your spot but do not have your entry ready, enter the file name as :
That lets us know To Be Entered (TBE)
If you have more than one entry add a number.
In the image section for "Medium" put TBE 1, TBE2 etc.

If you want to be paired with someone you know is entering their work please let us know in the "other information" text box.  Or if you want to enter an image and a word submission (poetry, story etc) as a pairing please indicate this and submit both pieces when you are able.

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SUBMIT YOUR ART: Files should be in .jpg format with your name and the name of the piece as the file name (e.g., First name-Last name-Title)

Smallest length 10 inches minimum resolution 300 dpi



upload artwork image:



upload artwork image:



upload artwork image:

Other information regarding your entry


Writers, if your work is ready please upload. Files should be .pdf, .doc, or .docx format., with your name and the name of the piece as the file name (e.g., First name-Last-Title).


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First Entry: $25, Subsequent entries: $10 each - Total maximum entries: 3
1 entry - $25
2 entries - $25 + $10=$35
3 entries - $25 + $10 + $10=$45

First Entry: $25 

Two Entries: $35

3 entries (maximum) $45