Word & Image Book FAQ


Q  Do I have to submit my image/word entry when I pay?

No. Pay for your entry now to reserve your page(s).
Then you can put in your entry before March 15.  The reason to get your image in early ( even in low resolution) is so someone may want to pair with your piece.

Q  I want to enter now to reserve my spot but my image / word entry is not ready. What should I put in the upload image section?
Put FirstName-TBE1, up to max TBE3
For image medium put TBE1, etc

Q  How can I pay?
A  You can pay online via PayPal at the bottom of the submission page OR by mailing a cheque payable to Sooke Community Arts Council C/O
Linda Gordon
3001 Manzer Rd
Sooke BC V9Z-0C9

Q  Will I get a refund if I am not chosen for the book?
A   If you are not chosen, you get a full refund.
If you do not get your entry in by Mar15 you forfeit the entry and do not get a refund.

Q  Why is the image minimum 10 inches?
A  We need it at min 10 inches at a resolution of 300 dpi for good printing.
If you have a choice make the original image in a ratio of 8/10.
That is 8×10, 16X24, 24×36 etc.
The reason for this is we will be marketing the books as images suitable for matting and framing. Most stock mats that will fit are 8×10.
Other ratio images will also be accepted. Also round, rectangle and any shape!

Q  Does this have to be something I created recently?
A  No. You may have done it at any time.

Q  Do I have to have it available for sale?
A  No. It would be nice if you have it for sale at our shows, but is not required.