Call to Artists and Writers

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Apr 092018


Publication of Art & Writing Book 2018


SCAC is planning a “word & image” book. The aim of the book is to fulfil our mandate of promoting all types of art, and to promote artists, musicians and authors by offering an opportunity to be visible in the community. The book will be available for sale at future SCAC art shows and other local venues.

Pay NOW to reserve your spot, and submit your image entry or word entry (May 1st deadline.)  If you’re looking to get matched, the earlier you submit your piece the better. If your work is not chosen, your money will be refunded.

Gallery of Available Art to write for

Full details and registration here.

Call to Artists & Writers

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Jan 262018

CALL FOR ENTRY: Publication of Art & Writing Book 2018


We will be publishing our first book made up of art and writing focusing on local artists and writers using word and image pairings. There will be an adjudication process.

Final deadline: March 15th but get your entries in earlier if you want to secure a spot.

The cost is $25 for the first entry, and $10 for subsequent entries to a maximum of 3. The initial fee covers entry and a free book, subsequent entry fees go toward the wholesale price of the book.

Click here more information.