Christa Rossner


ChristaRossnerArtist Info/Statement:

Since 1994 Christa has been expressing herself in 3-D with stone as primary medium, but she also works in clay, papier-mâché, cast concrete; and paints in oil and acrylic. She has been a member of the Vancouver Island Sculptors Guild (VISG) for twenty years – eleven years on the BOD, including two years as President. She is a member of the North West Stone Sculptors Association (NWSSA), the West Coast Sculptors Association (WCSA), Community Arts Councils of Victoria, Sooke and Esquimalt and of the Sooke Fine Arts Society.

Her finished sculptures can be: abstract or representative, motivated by myth or contemporary issues, and range from whimsical to political; all ideas that inspire Christa. Often pieces are figurative and touch upon issues such as human rights, peace, social dynamics and self empowerment.

Christa works primarily with hand tools in a traditional manner to sculpt a variety of materials including: marble, dolomite, limestone, alabaster, brucite, chlorite, and pyrophyllite. Depending the size and hardness of stone, she may also use angle and die grinders, or air hammer. Each stone has unique hardness, density, crystalline structure, fracture, colour, striation, texture and opacity enhanced by surface texturing or polishing in the final stages. Each sculpture has challenges and wonders that unfold during the sculpting process.

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Contact Christa: email            phone:  (250) 642-6065  or (250) 885-0646

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