Linda Gordon


Linda Gordon

Linda Gordon has been a full time resident in Sooke since 1975. Known for her photographic coverage of events around Sooke in the 1990’s Linda has always seen the beauty in everyday objects and the interactions of people. She was accepted into the Sooke Fine Arts Show with her painting “Veteran” in 2008, and in 2013 for “A Walk on Swan Lake”.

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Artist Statement:

Portait PhotographI like to do portraiture with special effects, capture the moment and inner feelings of pets, and even bring out the best for product photography.

“A Walk on Swan Lake” was inspired by the way I feel time flows. Time is like a broad walkway, leading inextricably to the present “Now”. This is where the path is in focus, the place where we dwell. The Future is laid out before us, and although we can perceive it, it is only a potentiality. The Past has the same effect, and although it has already been, it too, fades into the mist of uncertainty as the distance in time increases.


Swan Lake