Sharon Bussard Grove


Sharon’s current work is organic and spontaneous – sometimes playful and sometimes it has a hey wake up message.

Sharon says:
The world we live in has become one of bombarding messages as we all try to make sense of it and find our peace.  Where is the truth and where is the fiction in the messages we receive?  My work is a documentation of my accepting, and understanding it all in my own way. It’s about life, memories, re-birth, letting go, relationships, balance, and contrasts.   One week I will be off in a world of fantasy and the next trying to deal the hard truths of the real world we live in.

Functional pottery to me represents community, sharing, family and some of the only modern day rituals we hold on to in North America.  The colours I am drawn to use at this time are in reaction to the state of the world. I need to find some joy.  I need to remind myself their is joy in the simple and common.

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