ARTiFACTS 2018SCAC ARTiFACTS Art Show – submission form

Deadline to enter: March 20th 

Show dates: March 29 – April 29, 2018

Sooke Region Museum – Upstairs Gallery
Open: Tuesday to Sunday 9 am to 5 pm

2070 Phillips Road, Sooke


To apply for this show:

  • Please make sure your SCAC membership is current (SCAC’s year is Sept. 1st to Aug. 31st)
  •  If your are not yet a member, go to our membership page and register online.
  •  Use the online submission form below to register your art for the show *Please note that online forms are best filled out on a computer as opposed to a small screen device.
  • Print off this two page form, fill it in and bring with your art on the drop off day, 10 am to noon on March 27th at the museum gallery
  • Volunteer time will be required – 5 hours minimum per week. The bonus to being in the gallery is that you can sell cards and other small things.
  •  Hanging fees are $5.00 per artist.
  • All 2D work must be ready to hang (hanging wire in place).  3D artists will have to provide their own plinths

*All work should be labeled on the back with artist name, title and price for easy identification.

Show Coordinator:  Linda Gordon

Drop off art:  10 am to noon on March 27th at the museum gallery – Alternate drop off times may be arranged. 

Submissions mode – Please read through carefully:

Entries may or may not have a frame, but MUST have wire gallery style hanging.
This is not a juried show – just submit the number of pieces and the description as outlined below.

There is a 5 hour per week commitment to help for the 4 week duration of the show – this time may be done by the artist or by family or friends. A calendar will be onsite to sign up for your volunteer hours. If you can help with pre event publicity and putting up posters please phone Linda 250-380-8090.

The Member participants can enter as many items as space allows, right now it is 30 inches wide from floor to ceiling – low ceiling about 6 feet
All entries must fit within the 30 inch wide area, space may be larger or smaller depending on number of entries. 3D artists will have 30” of wall space for a shelf/ plinth ( provided by the artist).

All entries must have a theme relating to the Sooke/west coast area.  BE CREATIVE! e.g. if it is an abstract  it can still be inspired by the landscape of Sooke.

Each entrant is responsible to print out and bring with them a bio and a couple of sentences about the art submitted. Tell what inspired you to create the entry!

For each work submitted please include a wall card with the following information:

  • name of the piece
  • media
  • artist name
  • price
  • contact information for purchasing possibilities
  • how the piece relates to the Sooke area

After submitting your application, please print it out and bring it with you when dropping off your work along with the $20 participation fee.

If you are submitting more than two pieces of art because of smaller sizes please use the submission form twice.

Fill out the form below and download the pdf form to bring with you on the day of the hanging. 

*Please fill out this form via a computer or tablet – the small screen of a phone does not allow the view necessary to complete and send the form.  

Your Name (required)

Your Email (required)

your phone number (required)

Are you currently a member of Sooke Community Arts Council?



Dimensions, inches: length, height, depth




Dimensions, inches: length, height, depth




Dimensions, inches: length, height, depth




Dimensions, inches: length, height, depth


anything else you want us to know

The following volunteer positions may be available - please check at least two boxes where you can help and you will be contacted with information and confirmation. A calendar will be onsite to sign up your time.
demonstrategallery helptake downsocial mediaposter distributionArtist openingPrint mediaRe-Hang

enter the numbers and letters you see into the box, then click send


All work must arrive properly prepared for hanging, no wet paint, work not properly prepared will not be admitted to the show.

Please note: The sales are up to the artist. The museum is not handling sales or taking a fee.

On the tag, contact name and how to purchase is listed.

This is primarily an exhibit, the sale portion is a bonus. Purchaser makes the sale with either the artist volunteer that is there or with the artist directly by phoning them.

By submitting your information you agree to the following.


I have read and agree to the terms in the entry form for the Sooke Community Arts Council Members’ Art Show. I also agree that I will not hold the Sooke Community Arts Council or the Sooke Region Museum, all the members, staff and volunteer workers, legally liable for any damage, loss or injury to person, or property sustained by reason of an accident or incident occurring in or about the Members’ Art Show. All and any insurance coverage on the submitted works is solely my responsibility as the artist. I understand that my work will be offered for sale during the exhibition. The payment for any sales made during the show will be make directly to the artist.  There is a $5 hanging fee per artist – payable when dropping off the art or in advance.

Please Note: Art must be left for the duration of the event unless sold.  A new piece can be added at that time by a member of the hanging crew through the Show Coordinator.